Cutting Up A Storm With Missprinted!

Scandi collage artist Missprinted and Edinburghs Rhed Fawell kindly hosted three workshops during this years Nuart Aberdeen in June and were blown away by the enthusiasm of our participants and their creativity!


With her locative collage works Missprinted likes to explore and looks to find the perfect location for each piece which are usually pre made and ready to be placed. Using vintage books for source material, each collage is unique and the combination of image and location serve to create a bigger narrative, whether it’s looking at how humans mistreat their environment as miniature people interact with discarded cigarette butts or cowboys emerge from piles of trash. Of course sometimes its just about finding some beauty in the everyday and as we like to say Beauty is in the Streets. Edinburgh based Rhed Fawell takes a more studio based approach hand crafting intricate work that creates intricate layers. Rhed also heads up the Edinburgh Collage Collective.


The workshops were hosted by North East College Scotland (NESCOL) who offer a wide range of creative courses for young people and anyone looking to get back into education. Our wonderful groups quickly got to work cutting and assembling their own unique collages, tearing images and text from local papers, books and magazines. Once everyone had a few pieces finished the group hit the streets in search of the perfect location for their mini paper dramas!


Although these works often only last a few days, especially with the rain in Aberdeen we’re delighted to see workshop participants continue to make their own collages which pop up around Aberdeen like happy weeds. One participant Hazel wrote a wonderful blog post about her experience and even made more collages when she got home. You can read about them on her blog The Art Room Plant here. It’s been inspiring to see everyone’s creativity shine.


We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the workshops and to all of our volunteers and helpers along with friends at NESCOL for their support. We hope to have more exciting workshops happening over the Autumn & Winter so keep an eye on our socials for more information.

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