Street Art Walking Tours

Our Official Nuart Street Art Walking Tour’s take you through 6 years of Nuart Aberdeen artworks along with exploring Nuart Festival’s impressive Street Art history. This tour will focus on work located in the East end of the city, check out our West end tour as well!


Street Art is without doubt the most exciting development in visual art for decades: A movement that has caught the imagination of many and continues to enrich our cities. Learn about the roots of the movement – from Situationism and graffiti to stencil art and muralism – and take in work from an array of world-leading street artists operating across the spectrum of Street Art.


Over the course of our 2 hour walking tour you’ll hear about the artists behind the murals and how the finished works came to be. Our expert tour guides will speak about each of the art works on the tour, how they were created and the stories that inspired them. You’ll also hear stories from behind the scenes at the festival to give you a better idea of what Nuart Aberdeen is all about.


With work that explores local history, current politics and numerous social issues, Nuart Aberdeen creates a lot of great talking points while also adding world class art to the cities streets. Accessible to both locals and visitors, the street art trail will help you explore Aberdeen in a fun and creative way and we’re sure by the end of the tour you’ll agree – Beauty is in the Streets!


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Walking Tour Information

Booking & Tickets


Adult £7 + Kids Free (11 & under) must be accompanied by an adult


Senior / Students £4.50


Family ticket £12 (2 Adults, 2 kids)


Tickets can also be purchased in person from your tour guide on the day of a tour. Check dates and Book your tickets here.


* Please validate your ticket with the guide prior to departure of the tour. This tour is given in English.


If you would like to arrange a private tour following Nuart Aberdeen Festival, please contact



Nuart Aberdeen Street Art Map 2022


Click here to download a map showing the locations of the street art murals and installations from 2017–2022.  You can use this to easily plan your own route and self guided tour, but be sure to keep an eye out for hidden gems not mapped out along the way!



Important information. Please be aware those attending our walking tour are responsible for their own safety during the tour. Roads will not be closed on the tour route and cars/other pedestrians may need to pass. Please exercise due caution when crossing roads and use pedestrian crossings where possible. Due to the location of some of the artworks, tours may take routes down uneven paths and staircases and attendees should be conscious of slip or trip hazards. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children should remain beside parents/carers at all times.

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