A Community (Re)Turn?

Friday 10 June


Aberdeen Art Gallery – Cowdray Hall
Schoolhill, Aberdeen, AB10 1JQ
Free entry



A Community (Re)Turn?
Presentation by Dr Stephen Pritchard (UK)


Is Street Art moving closer to its communities? Is it experiencing a ‘community turn’ in which the aesthetics of Street Art muralism combine with the ethos of Community Art murals to create something much more than a simple hybrid? Stephen wonders what this might that look like, and whether community-led street art might be an excellent way for people to reconnect with their everyday lives, re-enchanting social spaces together with artists. He explores how this work could challenge the white, male dominance of Street Art and Community Art mural works, flipping past inequities on their heads by working with people of colour, with women and transgendered people, and with people with disabilities cooperatively. Stephen will look at some recent examples and reflect on recent conversations with Street Artists who are redefining their practices following COVID-19.

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