Gallery No. 32

Friday 10 June


Aberdeen Art Gallery – Cowdray Hall
Schoolhill, Aberdeen, AB10 1JQ



Gallery No. 32
Presentation by Megan Stuart & Kieran Idle (UK)


Gallery No.32 is an outdoor art space in SE London run by artists Meg Stuart and Kieran Idle. Championing creative exchange, Gallery No.32 offers a free exhibition space for artists to explore the broadest possibilities of their practice with minimal financial risk. Free to show and free to view, art is offered to new audiences directly in the public realm, upturning the typical white-wall model. By taking artists out of the institution and placing them in the public landscape, Gallery No.32 is altering how art is seen, and who art is for, digging the tracks for a new art-world. Through opportunity, connection and access, Gallery No.32 is rewilding the art scene from its [grass]roots.

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