Slim Safont Kicks Off Nuart Aberdeen

Nuart Aberdeen is officially started with our first large scale mural of 2022!


We welcome Spanish artist Slim Safont to Aberdeen along with his assistant Edgar who are working on a new mural at Union Plaza. Big wall’s come with lots of challenges including how to scale up with many artists working from A4 sized reference materials. When it’s finished the mural will measure some 30 meters high so a considerable canvas indeed. But it appears that Slim & Edgar relish the challenge, discussing some of their previous murals over dinner they shared their experiences painting a 60 meter wall in Europe.


With a smaller wall and a few good days of sunshine the mural has progressed a lot in just a few days and everyone is relishing the gorgeous Aberdeen sunshine. Indeed, the Silver City with the Golden Sands is really lived up to the tag line this past week as we welcome artists to our hub at The Anatomy Rooms studios hosted by Jim at All In Ideas. But we also know how quickly the  Aberdeen weather can change so it’s all systems go and straight to work for our new arrivals but charged with a rowie breakfast (an Aberdeen delicacy and must try item for any visitors) they’re all cracking on.


This years festival is delivered with the theme ‘Reconnect’ and we’ve been really lucky with our supporting partners and our team on the ground along with our fantastic volunteers who’ve jumped into action supporting the artists but also engaging with people on the streets. The next week will be challenging as we take on some of our biggest walls yet but with a team like ours we’re confident that people will be engaged and enjoy seeing these new works being created.


To catch Slim in action head to Union Plaza and enjoy the mural corridor featuring work by Helen Bur, Ernest Zachrevic, Nimi & RH74, Milu Correch and Bordalo ii.

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